Bicycle Tire Chains – MTB Snow Chains

Why I Am Making Bicycle Tire Chains

I recently purchased a Catrike and it was obvious that I would want to ride it in the snow. We rarely get snow here in Portland, Oregon but when we do it’s a time for celebration, at least for me. I’ll be needing bicycle tire chains for this coming Winter so decided to build them.

The tire chains I’ve built thus far are a success and I plan to offer them online at a reasonable cost.

Testing thus far has occurred on my Catrike Expedition. The Catrike, I’d guess, has a weight distribution of 60/40 with 40% being on the rear drive wheel. It’s probably closer to 70/30. There’s wheel spin on inclines with slippery surfaces and wet grass like in my front yard, we don’t get much snow here so there has been no snow testing.

Trying to introduce wheel spin in the lowest granny gear, in wet grass in soggy soil is a pretty good indicator of the traction I’d get in snow. My bicycle tire chains work quite well. I was unable to get any wheel spin.

In addition to grass/muddy clay riding I have been riding them on bare pavement. That’s not an ‘oops” moment. Bare pavement and bicycle tire chains are a great combo for full on destruction testing. I WANT to break a set doing this as it’s another excellent indicator of whether these will hold up.

Pros & Cons of my bicycle tire chain